Beckon Provides Data Management Through A Marketing Lens

Dashboard Hero.v1Beckon is an enterprise-class marketing intelligence software designed to provide automated, full-service data management, visibility into cross-channel marketing performance, integrated campaign planning, omnichannel analytics, real-time dashboards and marketing-impact metrics and KPIs.


Beckon provides omnichannel visibility, best-practice analytics and marketing-impact metrics. Some of the solution’s features include:

  • Beckon Dashboard, which combines diagnostic metrics and leading indicators of marketing’s effectiveness, such as ROI, cost-effectiveness comparisons by channel and tactic, P/O/E media ratios, and campaign performance vs. benchmarks, with media.
  • Beckon Scorecard, which provides fully-automated, real-time performance trackers that map marketing metrics and KPIs directly to brand and business objectives, as well as the buyer’s journey, to show performance at-a-glance.
  • Beckon Answers,  a natural-language Q&A interface that lets marketers get answers to critical questions about marketing performance through charts, graphs and tables.
  • Beckon Data, which includes automated, end-to-end data management that establishes a universal marketing taxonomy (regions, business units, product lines, etc.) and applies it consistently across all marketing efforts.


Beckon targets marketing leaders, such as CMOs, brand managers, category managers, and regional leaders, in B2B and B2C companies.


Beckon integrates data from all marketing channels (online, offline, in-store, affiliate, partner marketing, and more) and data sources (data warehouse, API, Excel, .csv, reports from execution tools, PowerPoint, PDF, and more).


Beckon is a cloud-based SaaS platform. Pricing is based on the number and complexity of data streams.


Beckon works with B2B and B2C companies of all sizes, and has worked with brands, such as Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Gap, Sky, Reebok, HP and more.


With Beckon, users are positioned to:

  • Unite marketing data, sales data, equity scores, consumer satisfaction scores and loyalty metrics from all the sources;
  • Unlike other generic tools, Beckon comes with a marketing-specific data model and best practices built in;
  • Set goals, align campaigns to objectives, set targets and more; and
  • Protect their data with an enterprise-grade, SOC2-compliant data platform.


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