Clearcode Offers Custom-Made Data Analytics Applications

Clearcode is a software development company positioned to help clients building custom marketing and advertising platforms, including custom data management and analytics solutions.


Clearcode aims to build custom marketing and advertising platforms capable of analyzing and handling numerous monthly requests. Clearcode clients can benefit from services at every stage of a project’s lifecycle from planning and feature identification, to UX/UI design and prototyping, development and testing, and application support and maintenance.

Main capabilities and expertise include:

  • Marketing and advertising platforms (Demand Side, Data Management, remarketing and re-engagement, data-measurement and analytics, and ad servers).
  • Custom-made analytics solutions for a variety of use cases (programmatic media buying, reporting, multi-channel attribution, offline & online data mapping, performance monitoring and web & app analytics).
  • Developing SaaS platforms hosted in the cloud for a wide variety of use cases.


Clearcode builds custom applications and pricing varies by project. Since customers own the code that Clearcode develops for them, they can run the software either on their own physical servers, or in the cloud.


A sample of clients includes AddShoppers, Rejoiner, HiveWyre and Clarivoy


Clearcode offers full-service delivery to companies from a team of seasoned developers, designers, project managers, through to system administrators. Clearcode can also build enterprise-grade technology specifically for the advertising, marketing and analytics industries.

Other features include:

  • First-hand experience building successful tech companies/products of their own;
  • Agile development and adjust workflows to meet clients’ requirements; and
  • A long-term technology partnership with clients – guiding, inspiring and consulting during the entire product lifecycle.


222 Broadway, 19th Floor
New York, NY 10038
(800) 615-0584

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