Report: Data Says 6 Emails Per Subscriber Is Ideal 

Reward program solutions provider Paytronix debuted the first research brief in a series of reports titled, Extracting Customer Insights from Big Data. The report is designed to help retailers and restaurants leverage their data insights and marketing innovations to increase customer visits and spend.

According to the report, “While there will be variations from customer to customer and from month to month, 5.75 emails per month is the ideal volume where the average email strategy reaches peak effectiveness.”

“Every customer touch-point is vitally important to understanding and engaging guests, yet email campaigns remain one of the most widely-used and effective means to market to customers,” said Lee Barnes, Head of Paytronix Data Insights. “This research helps our customers identify where the total value peaks for how many emails to send before causing a negative impact — the sweet spot for engaging customers without risking opt-outs and losing a subscriber forever.”

Click here to download the full report.