Segmint Unveils A/B Testing, Intent Capabilities For Data-Driven Marketing Platform

reporting-retailSegmint, a data-driven technology provider for financial institutions and retail companies, has launched new enhancements to its SegmintOne platform intended to provide a holistic view of marketing campaigns and increase customer engagement based off behavioral analytics.

The list of new features includes:

  • A/B testing capabilities designed to help users measure effectiveness across marketing campaign audiences, messages and channels;
  • Real-time capabilities intended to allow users to engage with prospective customers based on real-time insights, preventing the possibility of a missed opportunity;
  • A new Business Intelligence Dashboard which offers more than 20 dynamic reports and various customizable filters, allowing users to better visualize and optimize the real-time performance of marketing campaign ROI into a single view; and
  • Intent-based key lifecycle indicators (KLIs) enabling users to drive real-time data decisioning by revealing a customer’s interest or intent to engage with a brand based on their activity.

“With analytics at their core, these enhanced products help CMOs improve the success of banks’ marketing campaigns and can inform their marketing spend,” said Rob Heiser, President and CEO of Segmint, in a statement. “We developed these solutions after listening to our partners’ desire to provide the next generation of banking through KLIs serving as real-time triggers for delivering a highly personalized, truly tailored banking and payments experience.”