Partnership Between Pegasystems And Merkle Aims To Drive Personalized CX 


shutterstock_197925578Software company Pegasystems Inc. has partnered with Merkle, a data-driven performance marketing agency. The partnership aims to help businesses drive more personalized customer experiences by unifying first-party data from CRM applications with third-party digital advertising data.

The integration is powered by the Pega Customer Decision Hub, an analytics and adaptive learning solution designed to drive engagement based on real-time customer behaviors. This enables advertising, marketing and customer service reps to produce more relevant and timely interactions, including online ads, email campaigns and customer service calls.

By providing a bigger picture of the customer journey through adaptive analytics, the solution allows businesses to:

  • Retarget a customer with relevant digital ads fueled by engagement channel data;
  • Send personalized emails based on data from the customer’s most recent brand engagement; and
  • Launch targeted ad campaigns and marketing offers based on the customer’s behavior on social media.

“The expectations of today’s customers seemingly have no bounds, which requires marketers to deliver increasingly personalized experiences at every turn,” said Alan Trefler, Founder and CEO of Pegasystems, in a statement. “By tapping into Merkle’s extensive digital advertising network and deep expertise, we are bridging this long-standing gap between digital advertising, customer service and marketing to give organizations an unrivaled edge in providing the most relevant customer journeys possible.”

The new solution will be available in early 2017.