Data Quality & Hygiene


Cloud Elements Unveils APIs, Partners With HubSpot

September 21st, 2015

Cloud Elements, a cloud API management and integration service, unveiled a set of bulk-loading APIs designed to help users import, export and synchronize data in their CRM and marketing automation applications.


Merkle Unveils Data Quality Assessment Tool

August 10th, 2015

Merkle launched DataCheck, a tool designed to help users assess the overall quality of their data. This assessment can position marketers to make more accurate business decisions and maximize their overall impact on the business. The tool intends to provide users with statistics about the quality, completeness, and accuracy of their data. The audit also includes reports on data hygiene, data matching and data enhancement. The tool evaluates a user’s data and measures it in four ways: Completeness: or the thoroughness of a company’s contact information; Validity: the overall accuracy of the business data based on third-party sources; Contactability: the accuracy of current contact details such as email and phone number; and Profile: Breakdown of customer data by size of company, industry, location, sales, and more. “Customer data is one of the most valuable assets for any company, but it can also be one of the most costly,” said Marc Fanelli, VP and GM of Global Data Solutions for Merkle. “Maintaining complete and accurate data is vital to implementing impactful and cost-effective customer engagement.”


Trillium’s Real-Time Data Quality Platform

August 7th, 2015

Trillium Software is a data quality solutions provider designed to deliver an accurate, holistic view of prospects by integrating customer information across the organization and applying data quality rules to global customer records. Features/Functions Trillium positions users to create real-time integrated customer views across multiple channels, as well as internal and external data. This insight aims to help users drive increased sales and channel optimization, drive revenue-generating marketing campaigns, and support targeted customer interactions. Trillium’s data quality solutions are also intended to: Validate and correct data to ensure critical fields such as name and address are complete and accurate; Verify global address and location data against postal data sources for 230 countries, regions and principalities; Match and merge similar or identical records and remove duplicates, and link records that belong to the same household; and Enrich and append customer data with additional contact or demographic data. Compatibility Trillium solutions are available via on premise or cloud-based deployments. Pricing Contact Trillium to learn about available pricing options. Competitive Positioning Trillium’s out-of-the-box business logic is designed to help marketers perform all the steps needed to integrate and improve customer information across multiple systems. With a rapid implementation process, Trillium positions organizations improve business performance with better data in 90 days or less. Contact Information Trillium Software (978) 436-8900


ReachForce Data Management

June 17th, 2015

ReachForce is a data management solution designed to unify, clean and enrich prospect and customer lifecycle data. Features/Functions The solution aims to help marketers increase their revenue contribution by monitoring data quality, data accuracy and data integration issues. ReachForce can help improve data quality in an effort to reduce staff time required for data-related activities — positioning marketers to attribute more marketing initiatives to the bottom line. Other features include: Data quality management capabilities intending to ensure that prospect and customer data is always clean and complete; and Data enrichment tools designed to help users create more relevant conversations with prospects and customers to move them along the buyer’s journey. Compatibility ReachForce is a technology partner with Oracle, Marketo, SilverPop and HubSpot. Pricing Click here to inquire about pricing options. Competitive Positioning ReachForce can help marketers manage data in order to improve quality and increase marketing revenue. The solution positions users with attribution capabilities that surpass the offerings found within marketing automation and CRM. The solution can also provide data unification capabilities that enable marketers to spend less time organizing data and more time focusing on revenue. Contact Information ReachForce 9020 Capital of Texas Highway Building 1, Suite 270 Austin, TX 78759 512-327-9000


Openprise Data Automation

May 21st, 2015

Openprise is a data automation solution designed to help marketers correlate, clean, normalize and segment data collected from any data source leveraged by the user.